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The Terminus Layout: Pictures "City scenery"

This series with photos is entitled "in the city". And, yes, I prefer half timbered houses on a model train layout (like almost every railroad modeller here in Germany…):

Model train buildings

Streets are self-made on the PC, printed out and pasted on the board. On the left side a part of the bridge, where the tracks go "underground" to enter the station area.

The station building

The station building is from Pola, a manufacturer which belongs to Faller now. In the foreground again the road bridge (bridge railing by Traffic lights and road signs are also self made: PC graphics, pasted on a needle. The advertising pillar is self-made: A simple piece of roundwood, grey painted and sticked over with printed ads:

N scale vehicles

The next picture shows some "backstreet scenery" on the rear side of the station. Below a freight train. The tank cars have some airbrush weathering:

Model train scenery supplies

Back to the city: Some N scale buildings in a close shot (houses by Faller and Kibri).
Vehicles: by Wiking. Model trains: below the scenery.
Hopefully the 2 elder ladies in the foreground will watch out for the cars before crossing the street:

Model train scenery

Another perspective of the city, which is placed on an embankment above the main line. The electricity sub-station on the left is from Arnold. Graffit: unknown artist.

N scale buildings

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Ever tried a clothes line with laundry in N scale? Once again seewing needles (I need a lot of them for a 1:160 model train scenery!), paper, instant glue, tweezers - and a lot of patience.
But seems to be a windy day today:

N scale model train scenery

The next photo shows once again the station building. On the right side a small part of the station halls:

N scale model train station

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