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The Terminus Layout: Pictures "Countryside"

A farmhouse opens this series with countryside photos. It is a kitbashing work, consisting of 2 Faller assembly kits, originally sold as city houses. The farmhouse is placed nearby a lake.

Model train accessories

We are now entering the right side of this model train layout, which provides a rural ambience. Therefore this part is…

…the landscape lid

The farmer on his tractor is coming back:

Model train kits

N scale accessories create a living scenery!
The next photo gives another perspective of the landscape lid. Along the street a poplar alley. Poplar trees usually can be found near lakes or water. In the background a small concrete factory. Vehicles by Wiking. The driver of the blue Chevrolet Malibu apparently is an US-car Fan!

Model train landscape

Once again the farmhouse. The barn door is just brown painted paper, the stove wood is made from painted toothpicks:


N scale figures (by Preiser) at work! Bringing the milk cans out of the stable seems to be a hard work. Grandpa grinds the scythe. The dunghill in the foreground is a "leftover recycling work" - a bridge pile, cut away, and filled with painted plaster:

Model train figures

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An overview. The lake is a water foil, offered by Busch. This foil yields a nice water and wave imitation. However, it is necessary to dig a pit before to achieve some visual depth, and prepare it with colors and bushes. In addition, I glued the foil on a glass panel to avoid crooking or warping. Prepared like that, this kit gives an excellent lake:

How to build a model train

Hay making in the sun. Hopefully there is some time left for a short swim after work?

Model train trees

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