N scale model trains

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The "Terminus Layout": Details

This photo series features some more scenic pictures and details from the layout, starting with the big bridge in front of the station. It is a kitbashing work, consisting of 3 N scale bridges by Vollmer. The rotund shape matches well with the rotund shape of the station halls. Furthermore, this bridge serves as visual antipole to the wide opening of the station halls.

Model train bridges

N scale model trains

…in detail: Close shot of a V 200 diesel engine. Next to it Günther has left the signal tower and rushes down the stairs. He is very busy today:

N scale model trains

By the way: N scale and N gauge often are used as synonyms. But actually there is a difference in the understanding. Read more about the use of these terms: Scale or gauge?
Meanwhile the hay making goes on in the fields. N scale people at work:

Model train people


The next picture shows a dull scenery in the industrial zone:

Building model trains

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Dust on a model train layout? No, not at all! The woman waiting at the sidewalk certainly thinks: The communal cleaning services are behind time!

N gauge model trains

And once more a view at the N gauge industrial zone:

Model train scenery N scale

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